Greenland and Arctic Canada: High Arctic Explorer Small Ship Expedition Cruise 13D12N

From A$23,995.00 Per Person, Twin Share

At a Glance

Set sail on a 13-day expedition cruise aboard the Ocean Endeavour and accompany the esteemed author Margaret Atwood on the August 15th voyage, embarking on a truly unforgettable Arctic adventure. Encounter the enchanting midnight sun, delve into the rich tapestry of sailing history, venture into marine conservation zones, and submerge yourself in the vibrant Inuit culture. Glide through mystical waters, bear witness to the otherworldly allure of the tundra, stand in awe of towering ice behemoths, and traverse the Arctic Circle.

Marvel at the untamed beauty of Tallurutiup Imanga and Devon Island, encountering narwhals, belugas, and bowhead whales. Immerse yourself in Inuit culture in Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet), enjoying captivating performances and connecting with the local community. Sail through the mystical waters of the Davis Strait, watching for whales and seabirds. Trek ...

Trip Highlights

  • Witness the captivating phenomenon of the midnight sun in Qausuittuq, where daylight persists even during the darkest hours in this remote Arctic region.
  • Explore the pristine National Marine Conservation Area of Tallurutiup Imanga, encounter marine wildlife, hike picturesque tundra, and witness breathtaking glacier faces in Devon Island's unique geological wonders.
  • Experience the vibrant Inuit culture in Mittimatalik, enjoy captivating performances, connect with the local community.
  • Pay homage to Sir John Franklin's ill-fated voyage at the haunting memorial in Beechey Island and immerse yourself in the poignant tales of exploration.
  • Trek through the ethereal tundra of Western Greenland, where majestic mountains and delicate flowers adorn the landscape. Choose your preferred activity, whether it's invigorating hikes, photography, or simply appreciating the untouched beauty.
  • Sail through the mystical waters of the Davis Strait, deepening your understanding of the Arctic.

What's Included

  • Passage aboard the Ocean Endeavour
  • Applicable taxes and credit card fees
  • Complimentary expedition jacket
  • Contribution to Adventure Canada's Discovery Fund
  • Special access permits, entry, and park fees
  • Expert expedition team
  • Guided activities
  • Sightseeing and community visits
  • All Zodiac excursions
  • Port fees
  • Pre-departure materials
  • Education program
  • Photo Equipment Trial Program
  • Interactive workshops
  • Evening entertainment
  • All shipboard meals
  • NOTE: plus $576 USD fuel surcharge ($48 per day)


Day 1 A Journey into the Midnight Sun in Quasuittuq
Ocean Endeavour
Day 2 Whispers of Franklin's Voyage in Beechey Island
Ocean Endeavour
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 3-7 Untamed Beauty Unveiled in Tallurutiup Imanga (Lancaster Sound) and Devon Island
Ocean Endeavour
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 8 Immerse in Inuit Culture in Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet)
Ocean Endeavour
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 9 Sailing through Mystical Waters at Sea — Davis Strait
Ocean Endeavour
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 10 Trekking the Ethereal Tundra, Western Greenland
Ocean Endeavour
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 11 Amongst Towering Ice Giants in Ilulissat
Ocean Endeavour
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 12 Discover Vibrant Arctic Charms in Sisimiut
Ocean Endeavour
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Day 13 Crossing the Arctic Circle Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Dates & Prices

The price is based on Comfort Cabin Category 6 (Double/Twin). Please contact us for available cabins and prices. NOTE: plus $576 USD fuel surcharge ($48 per day). Free Single Supplement (see details below).


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How To Get There

- The departure point is  Qausuittuq (Resolute), NU, Canada

- The finish point is  Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Weather & Climate

Greenland: Greenland lies within the polar climate zone, with average temperatures not exceeding 10°C (50°F) in the warmest summer months. It remains chilly throughout the year, with varying conditions across regions. The weather is changeable and can differ from fjord to fjord and valley to valley due to factors like the coastline and inland ice sheet. When packing for the Arctic Circle, layering is essential, as rapid weather changes are common. Visitors should be prepared for sudden shifts from clear sunshine to snowstorms.

Canadian Arctic: The vast Arctic and subarctic regions have two main seasons: a long winter with temperatures around -30/-35°C (-31/-22°F) and a three-month summer period with temperatures around or slightly above freezing. In the Arctic, temperatures hover around freezing or slightly above, while in subarctic areas, they rise above freezing but generally remain below 10°C (50°F) on average.

Not Included
  • Commercial and charter flights
  • Program enhancements/optional excursions
  • Gratuities
  • Personal expenses
  • Mandatory medical evacuation insurance
  • Additional expenses in the event of delays or itinerary changes
  • Possible fuel surcharges and administrative fees
  • Pre- and post-trip hotel accommodation
Vessel Details & Features

Capacity: 198 passengers
Length: 137 metres (450 ft.)
Draft: 5.8metres (19 ft.)
Main Engines: 4 x Skoda Sulzer 6ZL40/48
Propellers: 2 x variable pitch propellers
Cruising speed: 15 knots
Crew: 124
Ice Class: 1B
Lifeboats: 6
Life rafts: 12
Safety Features: 6 fully enclosed lifeboats and 8 life rafts. The ship has an ice-strengthened hull and the lifeboat and life raft capacity exceeds SOLAS requirements with at least 25% additional capacity above the number of people on board.

The Ocean Endeavour is the perfect vessel for expedition cruising. Outfitted with twenty Zodiacs, advanced navigation equipment, multiple lounges, and a panoramic top deck observation room, she is purpose-built for passenger experiences in remote environments. The Ocean Endeavour boasts a 1B ice class, enabling her to explore throughout the polar summers. Launched in 1982, she has had numerous upgrades, most recently in 2018. At 137 meters in length, the Ocean Endeavour has plenty of interior and exterior space. Ample deck space offers comfortable lounge chairs, a swimming pool, two saunas, and a hot tub. The spacious interior allows for varied workshops and presentations to occur simultaneously. The three lounges aboard the Ocean Endeavour are optimal locations for seminars, events, parties, and conversation. Other facilities: Mud Room, Gym, Laundry, Medical Clinic, Elevator service (decks 3-6).

How To Choose You Cabin Category

Category 10 (Suite)
Deck seven: orward-facing pic-ture windows, unobstructed view; matrimonial bed, private bath with full tub, refrigerator. Approx. 310 sq. Ft.

Category 9 (Junior Suite)
Deck five: picture windows, unobstructed view; matrimonial bed, sitting area — approx. 270 sq. ft. Deck seven forward: forward-facing picture windows, unobstructed view; matrimonial bed, sitting area, private bath with full tub, refrigerator. Approx. 290 sq. Ft.

Category 8 (Superior Twin)
Deck five: two picture windows, unobstructed view; two lower berths, sit-ting area — approx. 210 sq. ft. Deck seven forward: forward-facing picture windows, unobstructed view; matrimonial bed, private bath with full tub — approx. 180 sq. ft. Deck seven midship: picture windows, partial obstruc-tion; matrimonial bed, private bath, refrigerator. Approx. 190 sq. Ft.

Category 7 (Select Twin)
Deck five: picture windows, unobstructed view; two lower berths, approx. 190 sq. ft.
Deck eight: oversize windows, partial obstruction; matrimonial bed, private bath, refrigerator. Approx. 145 sq. Ft.

Category 6 (Comfort Twin)
Deck four: two porthole windows, unobstructed view; two lower berths. Approx. 175 sq. ft. Deck seven: picture window, partial obstruction; two lower berths. Approx. 135 sq. ft.
Deck eight: picture windows, obstructed view; matrimonial bed, private bath, refrigerator. Approx. 160 sq. Ft.

Category 5 (Main Twin)
Deck five: picture window, unobstructed view; two lower berths, private bath. Approx. 115 sq. ft.

Category 4 (Exterior Twin)
Deck four: porthole window, unobstructed view; two lower berths, private bath. Approx. 100 sq. ft. (twin) / 90 sq. ft. (single).

Category 3 (Interior Twin)
Deck five: interior cabin, two lower berths, private bath. Approx. 125 sq. ft. (twin) / 110 sq. ft. (single).

Category 2 (Triple)
Deck four: interior cabin, three lower berths, two private baths. Approx. 200 sq. ft.

Category 1 (Quad)
Deck four: interior cabin, four lower berths, private bath. Approx. 240 sq. Ft.

Free Single Supplement

For those who prefer not to share, we have a limited quantity of cabins in Category 3 through to Category 7 with no single supplement!

When travelling on Ocean Endeavour, solo travellers can take advantage of a limited quantity of cabins in Category 3 through to Category 7 with no single supplement! Once these cabins are sold, the single supplement fee is 1.5 times the berth cost.

If you are willing to share a cabin, you may choose to book a berth in cabin categories 1-7 (based on availability) and Adventure Canada will pair you up with another solo traveller of the same gender. If you consent to share, but we do not find you a roommate, you do not pay extra.

Single occupancy in Categories 8–10 is available at full double-occupancy rates.

Other Information

Onlyluxe Travel acts as travel agency and work with different tour operators.

Payment Detail
All pricing is in Australian dollars and are quoted on a per person twin share basis. A supplementary price is available (see below). Bookings are not confirmed until full payment and the signed Booking Form has been received by Onlyluxe Travel.

A non-refundable 30% deposit is payable within 7 days of your booking, with the final balance due 120 days prior to departure. If a booking is made 120 days or less before departure, the full payment is payable immediately. Last minute bookings are payable before arrival. Failure to pay on time may result in automatic cancellation of a booking with cancellation penalties payable to Onlyluxe Travel. If you pay by credit card or PayPal a surcharge will be added to the total price.

Single Supplement
All accommodation is twin share. Single guests will share with someone of the same gender. If a single room is demanded, a supplementary price of will apply. The supplementary price refers to our quotation and needs to be stipulated at the time of booking.

General Cancellation Policies
- Outside of 120 days monies will be refunded less 30% of full fee
- Within 120 days prior to arrival all monies will be forfeited
- No refunds will be given in the event of non-arrival, any unused services or unused nights due to flight or weather disruption
- We strongly recommend guests protect themselves with travel insurance and medical insurance

Please Note: Cancellations must be advised in email and will take effect from the date they are received.

The participant agrees to indemnify Onlyluxe Travel, and its servant, tour operator and agents, in relation to any liability, loss and damage which the tour operator, or its servants and/or agents may incur as a result of the participants, negligence or misconduct during the tour.

Smoking is not permitted on the bus, or in tents or in other accommodation being used by tour operator at the time that a trip is being conducted.

Child Policy
Please consult travel consultant on age limit.

Changes to Itineraries
Local conditions may necessitate changes to sightseeing, walking and driving routes, camping and accommodation locations. While every effort will be made to provide the services and experiences as offered in our brochure, on our website, and in our trip letters, we reserve the right to vary your itinerary. In the event that we are forced to change your arrangements, substitute arrangements of a similar standard will be provided. The tour operator will not be liable where interruptions to itineraries are caused by weather conditions, technical problems to transport used by the tour operator, industrial action, political or civil commotion or other circumstances beyond our control. We refer you to the conditions regarding travel insurance.

Changes in Prices
While we will do its utmost to honour its pricing unforeseen circumstances may mean that prices may be subject to change without notice.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions and Age Limits
You need to advise Onlyluxe travel and the tour operator on any pre-existing medical condition, mobility impairment and/or disability that might reasonably be expected to increase the risk of your requiring medical attention, or that might affect the normal conduct of a trip and the enjoyment of other trip members. Onlyluxe Travel and the tour operator may require an assessment of your medical condition from a qualified medical practitioner. If you fail to adequately notify the tour operator of any pre-existing medical conditions and/or disability, the tour operator reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion, to cancel your participation in a trip at any time, including after the commencement of your trip, with no right of refund if your medical condition, mobility impairment and/or disability could be reasonably expected to affect the normal conduct of the trip and the enjoyment of other trip members.

Cancellation by The Tour Operator
The tour operator is at the mercy of nature in all her beauty and all her fury. The tour operator will under no circumstance knowingly place at risk the health and well-being of our guests and guides. In the case of natural threats, acts of God and the like (e.g. bushfires, impassable snow, etc) the tour operator may need to cancel a tour with very little notice. In some cases, this can occur after the tour has commenced. The tour operator reserves the right to cancel any tour up to 60 days prior to departure if the minimum number requirement is unable to meet for a tour. If the tour operator needs to cancel for any reason, the cost of the tour or any other costs associated with travel to the designated pick up point, overnight accommodation, meals, etc will not be covered by the Onlyluxe Travel and therefore we strongly recommend travel insurance be taken out prior to travel.

Force Majeure
'Force Majeure' means (without restriction) any event which Onlyluxe Travel or its third party providers could not, even with due care, foresee or avoid. Force Majeure covers events such as, but not limited to, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events beyond our control. In the case of Force Majeure Onlyluxe Travel will not accept liability, and reserves the right to change and cancel trips.

In rare circumstances, due to injury or unforeseen illness, the tour operator may need to evacuate you from a remote part of the walk. Helicopter evacuations are expensive and in most cases will be at a cost to the customer.
In the genuine spirit of expedition travel, we encourage exploration and adventure offering flexibility in challenging environments. This itinerary is only a guide and is subject to change due to weather, sea and other conditions beyond our control.
For Australian residents, under the Australian Government Medicare Act, it is prohibited for any domestic travel insurance product to provide any financial reimbursement with regard to ambulance or air ambulance services. We therefore strongly advise our customers to take specific ambulance cover through their health insurance provider. Evacuation cost will not be covered by the Onlyluxe Travel and therefore it is also strongly recommended that our customers take out travel insurance to cover (amongst other things) the costs associated with evacuation.

Travel Insurance
In view of the heavy cancellation penalties applied to cancelled reservations in certain circumstances, we strongly recommends suitable travel insurance be purchased at the time the holding deposit is paid. We recommend insurance cover that covers any loss which may be suffered due to cancellation. We also strongly recommend comprehensive travel insurance against loss of baggage and medical expenses.

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