Embark on a journey through Mongolia's vast and untamed landscapes from exploring the rugged terrain of the Gobi Desert, the majestic beauty of the Khövsgöl Lake to delving into the rich history of Mongolia's nomadic culture at the Erdene Zuu Monastery and the ancient capital of Karakorum. Marvel at the vast landscapes of Mongolia, where nomadic traditions and breathtaking scenery converge. Explore the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, where modernity meets ancient history at the Gandantegchinlen Monastery and the National Museum of Mongolia. Immerse yourself in the timeless culture of the nomadic herders, experiencing their hospitality in traditional ger camps ...

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  1. Mongolia Discovery: Steppes, Deserts & Nomads 13D12N, Fully Guided


    Explore the hidden treasures in the remote Mongolian steppe, the spectacular Gobi Desert and its nomadic traditions. Delve deep into the wilderness and off the beaten path to where the nomads are on this 13-day raw and thrilling adventure. Your experience is heightened with 9 nights in traditional nomadic ger camps taking you back to basics and a simpler time to connect you into the deep heart of nature.

    Your adventure begins in the bustling capital of Ulaanbaatar. Over the next few days your time is spent in areas where roads are barely tracks through the landscape as you delve into Mongolia’s remote wilderness. There are some scheduled hikes, looking for wild Taki horses, visiting the ‘singing’ sand dunes, Vulture canyon or the ‘Flaming cliffs’, and more. Begin with visiting the Gandan Monastery before leaving UlaanBaatar for Ger. Explore Khustain Nuruu National Park for a guided hike to see the Mongolian wild horses. Journey to Little Gobi Desert and unto Mount Khogno Khan and its little base temple. Drive to Karakorumo and visit the Erdene Zuu monastery, Karakorum Museum, and the surrounding landscape. Proceed to Arvaikheer with a stopover at Shankh monastery. Drive for 9 hours to Bayan Gobi, sighting the Ikh Bogd mountain from afar and some of the most beautiful landscapes of Mongolia. You’ll delve deeper into the stunning Gobi Desert scenery. Behold the magnificence of the Khongoryn dunes that sing along with the wind and host 100,000 camels. Visit the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, its wildlife, a local museum, and the canyon. Hike at the picturesque flaming cliffs of Bayanzag and the renowned dinosaur exploration site. Your incredible journey ends as you fly back to UlaanBaatar to uncover its wonders including the Tereji National Park, Aryabal Temple, and the giant Genghis Khan statue.

    The adventure package includes 12 nights accommodation on a twin share basis including comfortable hotels and 9 nights at ger camps. Ger camps are traditional camps that take you back to a simpler time with their rustic charm and are complete with comfortable beds where bathrooms are normally shared and have hot water. For more details on ger camps refer to our ‘More Section’ below. Some meals and activities are included as specified.

    Feel the wonder of a magnificent yet unsung Asian country. Traverse steppes, deserts, national parks and immerse in Mongolia’s nomadic culture shock as you unearth its remote and raw wilderness.

    Extend your itinerary with special festivals on specific departures. 15 Days Nadaam Festival or 17 Days Eagle Festival in the Altai Mountains. Please contact us, booking on request.

    Dates or itinerary don't fit? We are specialising in bespoke "tailor-made" luxury or private journeys. Please contact us for a "tailor-made" itinerary for your perfect adventure.

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    Explore the hidden treasures in the remote Mongolian steppe, the spectacular Gobi Desert and its nomadic traditions. Delve deep into the wilderness and off ...
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