Onlyluxe Travel provides you with a unique, life changing luxury holidays or adventures while supporting your special interest group events.

If you wish to initiate a project to fundraise for your favourite charity or plan a private group tours, please talk to us.



Where to travel and what's the purpose of the holiday is your choice. It’s your exclusive holiday with your family and friends! 

  • Women-Only & Men-Only Groups
  • Wellness Group Retreat
  • Walking Groups
  • Cycling Groups
  • Birthday Celebration
  • School & Family Tours
  • Special Interest (Arts, Photography, Culinary, Personal Training, Trail Run etc)
  • Multi-generational Family Holidays
  • and more

With our private groups option, you have the ability to explore and discover with ease, as every detail is taken care of by our expert travel consultant from trip planning to trip departure. This is exclusive group travel experience in true Onlyluxe style!

We'll plan the personal holiday around your requirements and preferences, providing helpful tips and honest advice based on first-hand knowledge of the destinations. Onlyluxe Travel offers a wide range of luxury adventures, wellness retreats, walking and cycling holidays, small expedition cruise holidays, multisport holidays, and culture & gourmet tours. We have access to expert local guides, luxury/boutique accommodation and best transportation to assure a memorable group event. Our expert travel consultant will research and curate itineraries, off the beaten path gems and insider access to provide a bespoke private trip proposal for your private group. 

We'll then create a personalised event webpage that you can share with your supporters, family and friends.

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Partner with us at no cost to boost your fundraising through a tailor-made Charity holiday. Our expert travel consultant will work closely with you to choose a suitable trip and departure date for your event. Onlyluxe Travel offers a wide range of active tours - walking, cycling and kayaking. We have access to a large number of professional guides, luxury/boutique accommodation and transportation and can accommodate any group sizes. We will provide you with a bespoke charity hoiday proposal that's tailored to your requirements and preferences, e.g. trip style, group size, budget. 

We'll then create a co-branded event webpage to share with your members, supporters, family and friends.

We will promote your charity event to like minded people to support your fundraising program if you prefer or only make it open for your supporters and members. 

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Motivate, challenge and engage your staff on a team building experience that gives back. Onlyluxe Travel offers incredible collection of creative and personalised trip proposals designed to suit your requirements and preferences, providing helpful tips and honest advice based on first-hand knowledge of the destinations. Our expert travel consultant will research and curate itineries and provide a bespoke corporate trip proposal to suit your group size, travel timeframe and budget. Contact Us