As an ONLYLUXE TRAVEL member, you are entitled to earn points every time you book with Onlyluxe Travel. You can then redeem points for luxury experiences.


You earn 1 additional reward points for every full AUD $1 you spend*

How to Use Points

You can use points at checkout.

How do I claim points if I don’t have an Onlyluxe Travel account?

Firstly, you need to register as an ONLYLUXE TRAVEL account. Click here to register now. Secondly, please email us with your order number to claim missing points for an eligible booking. You can find your order number on the order confirmation email sent to you at time of booking.

How do I claim points if I havean Onlyluxe Travel account?

If you have registered as an ONLYLUXE TRAVEL account, and made a booking with us, your Reward Points will be credited to your account once full payment is completed and the trip is departed. Click here to check your point status.


  • Claims can be made within 6 months of travel
  • To claim points, you must have an eligible booking. An eligible booking means payment has been made in full, there is no cancellation or refund and the trip is departed successfully. If you cancel your booking and we grant a refund, your reward points earned from the booking will be withdrawn and deducted accordingly
  • Claims take up to 14 days to process If successful, eligible points will be automatically credited to your account

Terms and Conditions*

  • To earn or redeem rewards points, users must be registered to have ONLYLUXE TRAVEL account.
  • Users registered as ONLYLUXE TRAVEL account holders are entitled to earn 1 additional rewards point for every full AUD $1 you spend on the selected prepaid products on the ONLYLUXE TRAVEL website. Full payment must be received by us. Earning points options are subject to availability and changes without notice.
  • Reward points are valid for 24 months from the trip is departed (e.g. A booked trip departed 01-01-2020 and you earned 1000 points from the booking, the 1000 points are valid till 01-01-2022).
  • ONLYLUXE TRAVEL rewards points are not awarded on the purchase or redemption of gift cards and e-gift cards.
  • Tax, duties, and delivery charges, surcharges, or any other charges incurred by the third party providers are not included in earning rewards.
  • Discounts or offer codes not provided by this site will result in members not earning ONLYLUXE TRAVEL reward points for a purchase. 
  • Products that are booked on the ONLYLUXE TRAVEL website which are not prepaid in full amount, but are paid directly to the supplier or any other third party providers are not eligible to earn the additional rewards points.
  • When paying with a combination of ONLYLUXE TRAVEL reward points and the other payment method (i.e. credit card, cash), only the value applied to the other payment method is eligible to earn ONLYLUXE TRAVEL reward points, not the ONLYLUXE TRAVEL reward points.
  • Please allow up to 14 days for ONLYLUXE TRAVEL reward points to be credited to your account.
  • Points are not transferrable to any other person or party. 
  • Points are only redeemable at ONLYLUXE TRAVEL online store. Additional payments by credit card may incur a surcharge. 
  • Redemption options and redemption is subject to availability. 
  • We reserve the right to cancel, modify or suspend your reward points If these reward points cannot run properly because of fraud, tampering, technical errors or anything else that is beyond our control which affects the running, administration, security or fairness of the reward points.
  • Agent bookings are not included in earning rewards.
  • We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time