Cape de Formentor in Mallorca, Spain

Best Cycling Destinations in Europe

Europe offers some of the best experiences on two wheels combining rich cultures and breathtaking scenery. Whether it is savouring the endless picturesque vineyards of Provence or cycling the more off beaten routes of Julien Alps in Slovenia, there is a route for you. While you may feel spoiled for choice given the diverse countries, cities and regions within the continent; we have created a guide to some of Europe’s best cycling destinations to help you find your next bike adventure.




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Country: France

Ideal for: Wine lovers, countryside


The southern French region of France takes you through an array of monuments, buildings and vineyards that date back over two thousand years. The cycle routes are gently country roads embraced by picturesque natural landscapes from maquis-covered hills, olive groves and pine forests. Ride through the enchanting foothills of Mont Ventoux, hilltop villages of Gordes, Lacoste and Bonnieux and climb through the dramatic scenery of Gorges de la Nesque canyon. For those who are in pursue of a challenge can conquer the world-famous Mont Ventoux, one of the most demanding climbs in Tour de France of 13 miles, 5000 foot. What we adore about this cycle destination is pairing it with exquisite food and wine showcasing the freshest ingredients at top notch restaurants in the region.


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Country: Spain

Ideal for: Climbing enthusiasts, coasline scenery


Mallorca is known as the mecca of European cycling destinations. The Mediterranean Island is known for its beautiful beaches and cobbled old towns, but it is also a cycling haven. Traverse its wide range of terrain that make biking appealing from flat roads, rolling hills and demanding mountains as well cycling friendly hotels. The Cap de Formentor and famed route of Sa Calobra Mountain boasting 26 hairpin turns plummeting at 3000ft to the sea are the icons on the whole island.


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Julian Alps

Country: Slovenia

Ideal for: Off the beaten path, mountain lovers


Slovenia is one of the less traveled paths when it comes to European cycling getaways which makes it an ideal destination for mountain bikers and road cyclists alike. The country has plenty of magnificent off-road routes and rideable roads that take you high up into the Julian Alps. Cycle the majestic Julian Alps traversing alpine panoramas, glacial lakes and snowcapped peaks as you uncover a hidden treasure of one of Europe’s serene bike routes. Behold Slovenia’s stunning Radovna Valley, the glacial Lake Bled and iconic mountaineering towns of Mojstrana and Kranjska Gora.


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Country: Italy

Ideal for: Food and wine lovers, history buffs, off the beaten path


This hidden little gem is one of Italy’s best kept secrets, also known as the ‘Boot of Italy’, lying in the most southern part of the country. Immerse into its incredibly rich history influenced by ancient Greeks, Romans and Byzantines. Laced with vineyards, be treated to an array of sumptuous red wines that are commonly full-bodied. Be spell bounded by many UNESCO World Heritage sites including Matera and its Sassi caves as well as the iconic Trulli houses of Alberobello. Traverse secret coves and crystal-clear waters of Puglia that make your biking adventure even more enticing.


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Country: France

Ideal for: Wine lovers, countryside


Located in northeast France, a region covered in lush vineyards and quiet bike routes make Champagne a picturesque cycling adventure. Cycle to the quaint Champagne countryside with sun-drenched hills and visit iconic wine making sites. Pedal along the Route des Vins (Wine route), world-renowned for its fine vintages. Explore classic French Gothic architecture, ancient chateaus and uncover the most beautiful villages of France. Where the biking route is as delicious as your menu on offer, savour exquisite dining affairs from a private dinner and champagne pairing to dining at Michelin restaurants, making it one of the best cycling holidays in Europe.


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Douro Valley

Country: Portugal

Ideal for: Wine lovers, countryside, ancient towns


Immerse into the historical and natural wonders of Northern Portugal and Douro Valley as you cycle along breathtaking scenery from ancient Porto to picturesque valley vineyards. Bike superb routes that wind through historic landscapes filled with ancient hermitages, charming quintas and breathtaking mountain vistas. Cycle from the mountains of Peneda-Gerês National Park to the the banks of the Douro River Valley. Along the way, uncover the World Heritage cities of Braga and Guimarães, and cycle magnificent Peneda-Gerês, the country’s singular national park. Explore the Vinho Verde wine region and marvel at scenic views of wine producing villages in the Alto Douro region as you quench your thirst to its relishing wines.


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